Residential and Property Services: Fire Safety Systems With You In Mind

If you are a property owner or manager, finding a one-stop-shop fire and safety provider can save you time and money. That’s where it pays to count on Security Fire. From fire extinguishers and emergency lighting signage to sprinkler and suppression systems, we have you covered. 

We offer residential fire protection services to tailor to your specific needs. Our team of technicians have experience installing and servicing fire sprinkler systems in everything from high-rise condominiums and multi-family apartments to large custom and single-family homes. 

Because residential safety codes vary depending on the type of structure, we make sure our technicians stay up-to-date with the unique code requirements for local, state and national guidelines. 

Because many residential projects have specific design and interior goals, we offer a variety of fire sprinklers that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also available in dozens of styles and color options. 

For your emergency and egress signage, our technicians can advise on how many signs you’ll need (based on code compliances) and where they will need to be located with a simple consultation. We will then follow-up with an installation and give you documentation for insurance purposes. 

For residential properties and property management, we offer:

  • Fire extinguisher service and inspections
  • Commercial Kitchen hood suppression system installations, services, and inspections
  • Exit and emergency lighting installation, service, and inspection
  • Sprinkler system installation, service and maintenance

Nationwide, more than 4,000 people die in fires each year. Fire safety systems like sprinklers and extinguishers save lives, reduce property loss and can even help reduce homeowner insurance premiums. Call/Contact us today to get started on your fire safety system.

Experience the difference with Security Fire Protection.

We set ourselves apart from other fire protection companies and safety contractors by providing better customer service and timely, customer service. Because your safety is important to us, we are on call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for service and repair in our service areas.

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