Extinguisher Training & Education

FIRE SAFETY - It's Everyone's Responsibility

A recent national study shows that with proper fire extinguisher training, 98% of people can successfully control a fire using an extinguisher. With Security Fire’s Fire Extinguisher Education & Training Program, we ensure your key personnel and staff have the training they need. Our “On -Site” tailored program satisfies The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) workplace requirements for annual incipient fire training. Thus, can reduce and even help eliminate downtime or damage caused by incipient-stage fires.

Each course we teach is geared specifically to our client’s facility. Our State certified, factory-trained technicians travel to your location with the appropriate equipment and customized course material unique to your facility.

Options include: Classroom with live fire hands-on, Classroom only, or Live fire hands-on only. We tailor the class to your needs and requirements.


The classroom education portion will cover the specific types of fires your facility is most likely to come into contact with and will cover the unique fire protection equipment that is installed in your facility. While we will cover general fire safety as well, our courses are custom-tailored to suit your specific facility and industry.


During the live fire “hands-on” portion, our instructors will first demonstrate hazard approach tactics and Extinguisher use with “PASS” techniques. Following the demonstration, each attendee will be guided through actual fire extinguisher use, extinguishing a live controlled fire by our skillful instructors.

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